Monday, April 30, 2012

Glorious Sunday--Part Three (weekend trilogy)

Life, as they knew, had come to a standstill.  As the door to the house was thrust open, hearts burst.  Who would be next?  And then they heard the unbelievable.  HE IS ALIVE!!!  With fear and great joy the women relayed all they had seen at the tomb and heard from the man (angel) sitting upon the stone.  The 'other' Mary told how Jesus met them and they fell and worshipped at his feet.  Peter and John hastily ran to the site where the master's body lay.  Not being sure of what or who to believe they hurried to see for themselves. 


Shock, horror, joy, relief, doubt, fear, wonder filled the very essence of their being.   

With head, hands, and heart raised to the heavens John cried for the first time in days, from joy, not fear or loss. 
"Could it be?"  Peter asked still looking inside the sepulchre. Hope was rising. 
"Yes, Yeshua said so himself."
The scales were removed from their minds and suddenly His words echoed within both men.  "After three days I will rise again."
Peter and John praised God and glorified the name of Jesus.

Meanwhile, in a secret chamber, an assembly was taking place between the elders, chief priests and roman soldiers. 
"How can we best describe this, 'ocurrance'?" one of the chief priests asked.
"Tell the people his disciples came and stole the body."
"What?" A soldier yelled.  "Surely the governor will hear of this and our lives become forfeit."
The chief priest assured the soldiers that they will be well compensated and the governor can be made to look the other way.
"Whatever you say, Rabbi.  But know this, A body was placed in that grave site.  A stone was rolled in front of it, with the Roman seal on it.  A squad of soldiers were set on watch around the grave.  Now three days later, the stone has been rolled away, and the body gone, with the grave clothes laying in place and the face covering folded neatly nearby."
"What is that supposed to mean?" the elder asked
"It can only mean one thing.  Surely this man was the Son of God."

The eleven men went into Galilee, on a mountain, to the appointed place to meet with Jesus.  And when they saw him they worshipped at HIS feet.