Tuesday, September 10, 2013

68 in four parts (part 2)

When I was weary, Your rain freshened me.  
You sent a plentiful rain.

You sat on Your throne
and the earth shook, the mountains trembled before You
The heavens released their praise
You confirm Your inheritance

Sing all who are created by Jehovah
look to the heavens and seek His face
Shower Him with praise
Sing of His mercy and grace

You stood--silence filled the heavens
Your presence provides goodness to the poor in spirit.

The LORD speaks a word;
Great was the company of those who proclaimed it.

Holy, holy, holy

68 in four parts (part 1)

Arise my LORD
Father to the fatherless
defender of the weak. 
Rejoicing fills the atmosphere
the righteous sing Your praises
Sing to God you who 
are His children
Be glad, be exceedingly glad 
Sing to God as He sits on His throne
in His holy place
His name is Yahweh
rejoice before Him 

Free Bird

Christ offers a lot of freedom when we are a part of Him and He is a part of us.  What I mean is, IF, we allow the Spirit to lead us then we never want for anything.  That 'wanting' extends to every corner of our lives.  Be it work, home, personal pursuits, friends and family.  Our minds and efforts will be put to use in furthering the kingdom of heaven.  Jesus said we would do greater things than He did when we have the Holy Spirit within us, allowing Him the access to do the things of God  through us.

When Jesus stepped out of the Jordan river the Spirit of God descended upon Him and filled Him.  If we "step out" in faith AND out of our own will and allow the  Spirit to fill us and lead us then we to can have the power of the Most High manifested in us.  

Mount Sinai

Moses spent forty days and nights on the mountain of God, reviling in the Very presence of the Almighty.  Moses had gone up the mountain to receive from the LORD not only the "Laws of God", but also something for himself.   I am sure that Moses did not want to leave, however the noise coming from the camp of the Israelites down below hastened Moses' departure.

This past weekend I too went up onto the mountain to spend time with the Almighty.  Like Moses, I did receive and also like Moses I did not want to leave.  Times like these away from the world are necessary.  Quiet times are not enough.  Coupled with the population explosion finding a place outside to be alone with God is harder.
My soul literally sang as I sat before the LORD and listened  to Him speak to me.  Will heaven be like this?  MORE THAN THIS :) :) :) :)

Sadly enough I could not stay there for forty days.  However, I was refreshed.  Sorrow filled me as I made the trek down the mountain.  Moments like these when we are "truly in the presence of God" are few and far between.  Just the thought of leaving sent me into a downward spiral.  Separation from the One you love causes a great aching within.  The LORD sensed me becoming downcast.  He spoke again.  
"Am I only God on this mountain?  Or can I be God anywhere?"
Hmm?  Not 'hmm' from me thinking about it.  But 'hmm' because I boxed God in.  
God IS god everywhere.  Surely, when I leave the mountain God is with me.  I think about the noise in the world below the mountain and I am reminded, like Moses, the people need to hear.  They need to hear of God's everlasting love and  how to receive eternal life.  Unfortunately, some will hear and still seek the past to destruction.   

But for a little while and I will forever be in His presence. 
(No mountain needed)