Friday, June 23, 2017

It's Friday

You know it's Friday when you call a coworker, Alex, by the wrong name, Brandon, and we enjoy a good laugh.  That's the only time it's happened.

Hope your Friday was just as good.
God bless.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Midnight Cry

My soul does weep for the LORD.  

The Edge of Night

I'm sitting on the edge of my bed with my head in my hands, feeling dirty, ashamed, confused and lost.  Then I ask God this question, "Why can't I be free of these chains?"

Thursday, June 8, 2017


O precious is the flow
that makes me white as snow
no other fount I know
nothing but the blood of Jesus.

I stand in awe of you Jesus.

As I look at the cross, I see a man...
A man of no reputation who saught
nothing for himself, yet gave to
all he encountered

As I look at the cross, I see a man...
A man of no physical beauty that
we should desire him.  He was
not a man of great wealth or stature.
He is a man who showed us the
beauty of God.

As I look at the cross, I see a man...
A man of great sorrow and familiar with our grief.
He is a man who knows and experienced our
pain and human suffering.

As I look at the cross, I see a man...
A man stricken, smitten and afflicted by
the very people he came to save.  He was
rejected by mankind, but did not turn away.
He was stricken upon his face and
turned the other cheek.

I stand in awe of you Jesus.

My soul rejoices in the new birth after being
shaped in sin.  Lowliness of mind gives way
to divine grace and healing.
Now I am the righteousness of God through You.

To man it represented the worst form of torture
and prolonged death.  A symbol of a system,
Roman rule, used to suppress the will of the people.

To God it represented the best and only hope
of forgiveness and eternal life.  A symbol
that can be see across time and distance
used to reveal the will of God.

Monday, June 5, 2017

Famous Quotes

Miracles do not bring faith.  Faith brings miracles.

Famous Quotes

When God chose to love He became weak.

Famous Quotes

The kind of faith God wants does not grow during goood times.

Rabbi Mark Dayan

Thursday, June 1, 2017


Good morning everyone.  I wanted to share some pictures with that I took last night after our Wednesday night bible study.  

  At first glance I really thought a twister was forming.  It had that "look" about it. 

This one scared me the most.  As you can see in the distance clear skies, where  only 2-3 minutes before, the whole area above the church was clear.

I stopped to go shopping and snapped a shot of the sun going down behind some trees.  The only clearer shot was just before we parked.  However taking pics while driving is not advisable.  Still amazing though.