Thursday, March 29, 2012

Thank you

The day is coming to a close, birds are chirping, children are playing and laughing, and cars stereos are trying to out due each other while cruising down the streets.
I am on my back porch watching the sun bid adieu to me and my corner of the world, while saying hello to someone else. Times like these are rare for me. In my case I am usually somewhere indoors when the sun takes its light to other places as it leaves me with the hope for a better tomorrow. Right now I feel refreshed and alive, happy to be in the presence of my God.
Slowly the night comes alive as a multitude of colors and noise from fireworks encompasses the sky above me.
The air is pregnant with the anticipation of spring as a cool breeze passes over my skin.
Well, time to go indoors and prepare for "Unshackled" on the radio and make something to eat.
Looking up I say ," Thank you LORD for the gentle reminder that YOU are always present.

Friday, March 23, 2012


A new family moved into town a couple days ago, here is a pic of the oldest son Everett Turner aka E.T.  He looks vaguely familiar.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Transitions Part 3 (prequel)

This post will be the next-to-last entry in the 'Transitions' trilogy that I started a few months ago.  Truth be told I could go on for a couple more at least, but three seems to be the magic number to close out the series.  (Someone tell that to Hollywood.)  A good portion of the time when I write I try to have a set plan of attack or an outline.  Seven out of 10 times that goes right out the window.  Why?  Not sure really.  I guess more things come to mind, I may get more info or the Spirit says "change something", or I go a different direction in-between posts.  With this series that is exactly what happened, I went a different direction.  Mind you, it was a Spirit-led decision and I wanted to be sure before i continued.  The United States of America will be the focus for my final entry.  Writing it will not be easy because of the subject matter, however, I do not do this to please the masses but to get out the message of Jesus Christ and inform mankind of its need to repent.  Hence, the title.  This is more of a lead-in to the 'final chapter'.  Prepare yourselves.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Sweet Potatoe Pie

Hmm, hmm good.  Sweet potato pie(1) is my all-time favorite desert and I cannot get along without it.   Since I was a little boy I have always loved sweet potato pie(2).  IT IS the all-american food. 

I remember a scene from the movie 'Super Troopers' where the one officer had to say the word, meow, 9 or 10 times to a person they had stopped. It was quite funny (the scene and the movie).  Throughout this blog you will see the words 'sweet potato pie'(3) several times although I doubt I will set any records for doing so.  This is a sweet potato pie(4).


YUMMY, YUMMY,YUMMY.   No, I am not licking the screen.

Sweet potato pies(5,6) have been around since the time of the dinosaurs, which is why dinosaurs no longer exist, they killed each other off fighting over these pies.  Scientifically proven of course.  In the belly of the mammoth the found in the block of ice many years back was the tell-tell signs of..... sweet potato pie(7).

Mom used to make sweet potato pies(8,9) for me.  It was like a weekly ritual in our home and I am proud to say mom's sweet potato pie(10) was the best.  Since that time i too have taken to making sweet potato pies(11,12), but not as much as I would like to.  Quick reminder of what it looks like, sweet potato pie(13):

Notice the procession from a whole sweet potato pie(14), to a slice of sweet potato pie(15) being taken out and eaten.  Still, I am not licking the screen.
Over the years my recipe for the sweet potato pie(16) has changed and gotten better if I may say so, but it will never taste as good as the very first slice I ever tried.

Well, as you can see I am on the last piece of sweet potato pie(17) and this means i have also come to the end of my homage to sweet potato pie(18) and my blog.  WOW!!! 18 mentions, must be a record somewhere?

(No sweet potatoes were harmed during the writing of this blog. All sweet potatoes willingly gave of themselves for the making of the sweet potatoe pie.) That one is free.