Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Transitions Part 3 (prequel)

This post will be the next-to-last entry in the 'Transitions' trilogy that I started a few months ago.  Truth be told I could go on for a couple more at least, but three seems to be the magic number to close out the series.  (Someone tell that to Hollywood.)  A good portion of the time when I write I try to have a set plan of attack or an outline.  Seven out of 10 times that goes right out the window.  Why?  Not sure really.  I guess more things come to mind, I may get more info or the Spirit says "change something", or I go a different direction in-between posts.  With this series that is exactly what happened, I went a different direction.  Mind you, it was a Spirit-led decision and I wanted to be sure before i continued.  The United States of America will be the focus for my final entry.  Writing it will not be easy because of the subject matter, however, I do not do this to please the masses but to get out the message of Jesus Christ and inform mankind of its need to repent.  Hence, the title.  This is more of a lead-in to the 'final chapter'.  Prepare yourselves.