Friday, March 17, 2017


The time reads 0111, March 17.  Once again I'm awake.  For the past week or so, I've had a difficult time staying asleep once I fall asleep.  

In order to help me pass the time i would listen to podcasts on my iPad.  I would make something to eat ( not a good idea) or i would eat ice cream (see previous quotation marks). 

Notice that I did not say anything about prayer or reading my bible.  That comes two days later.  😪😪😪

After I realized my error I began to seek the Lord.  First for forgiveness.  I have spent a good part of my days not spending time in His presence and when I did it was for my own needs.  
Secondly, I wanted to come back to the Fountain of Living water.  I was dry, almost to the point of barrenness.  
David says in the last half of Psalm 63:1 
"My flesh longs for You in a dry and thirsty land where there is no water."
I did not see my need until I saw the breaks in my spiritual skin.  My skin was ashen. Half-hearted attempts in prayer and bible reading are not enough to get through the day.  If definitely does no good when fighting spiritual battles. 

My laying awake in the wee hours of the morning are now filled with prayer for the lost and spending time with the Lord.  
On the fourth day, my spirit was given notice.  If you are not going to spend time with Me during the day, I will get your attention during the night.
He has.  But you know what?  It's totally worth it.  

God bless

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Seasons of Heaviness

The apostle Peter tells is in his first epistle "that we are to greatly rejoice, even though we are in a season of heaviness, because of many temptations."

In the three prior verses Peter reminds the child of God of two things.  (1) Peter tells us of the transient nature of our life here on this earth (verses 3-5) and (2) the transient nature of our trials (6).   

Sometimes rejoicing does not see to be possible when hurt and sorrow are nearby.  Sorrow does not lend itself to happpiness when the pain is too great.  Adding to that, hope does not appear attainable when all seems lost and our searching in vain.  The ache from the pain dulls my senses to His holy presence.
Several years ago while in college, a friend of mines grandmother passed away.  It was an extremely difficult time for her and the family.  Moreso for her because Brenda and her grandmother we best friends.  Her grandmother was very instrumental in raising her in formative years.  During this time Brenda began to question God and ask "Why did her grandmother have to die?" 
When my mother passed away, I too, questioned God about her passing.  So, i could identify with Brenda in that respect.  From that point on our paths took us different places.  Brenda's road led to bitterness of soul and anger.  Without divulging too much, Brenda walked away from God and her faith.  I tried my best to help her understand the joy her grandmother was experiencing at that moment being in that presence of God and Jesus her Saviour.  I relayed to her how i felt when my mother passed away and how i found comfort knowing she was in heaven also with God and Jesus.  

Peter tells us to remember.  Well, remember what?   This pain will only last for a season.  The pain of loss is great due to the fact we lost a loved one.  Yet, the pain of seperation is temporary because we shall see them heaven.
Remember your new spiritual birth...
Remember your eternal hope...
Remember the resurrection of Jesus Christ...
Ah yes Peter.! I remember.
Remember your inheritance waiting for you in heaven...
Remember that your faith is secured because of faith in Jesus Christ...
Rejoice in this...
Ah yes Peter!  I shall rejoice.

Sadly, Brenda did not find solace in Her Saviour.  To this day i have no idea if Brenda has come back to her Heavenly Father.  (God please save her if You have not already.)
Rejoicing forces us to release our burdens unto the Lord and lay them at His feet.
Rejoicing also forces us to look to the only one who can help us through our season of trials and tribulation.  Our season of heaviness. 
God knows our hurt.  He himself is not immune to hurting.  His Son died a painful and horrible death for us.  Even in His season of heaviness, God offered us grace, mercy, hope and forgiveness.  
Why can i not rejoice?  It is not easy but i look for and to God to help me and heal me. 
God bless.

Seasons (refit)

Man's time is occupied by activities, employment, family and personal pursuits.  God has given man the capacity for many things.  Yet, man fails to give God some of the time He has given them.

But what happens when unannounced seasons come into a persons life?
Who is the first person they turn to or against? God

God has made everything beautiful in its time, or better, that there is an appropriate time for each and every activity. Including rejoicing and suffering. 

Friday, March 10, 2017


And God said, let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years:
Genesis 1:14


Winter (current season), spring (highly anticipated), summer and fall.  Then the cycle starts again.
Winter, spring, summer and fall.

Depending on your geographic location, you are at present experiencing summer,winter, spring or fall.  Despite our feelings about certain seasons we do, or better yet, have to go through them all.
Each season in itself reveals something different and we are to adapt in proportion to the season and its requirements.
As i have gotten older I find myself liking the warmer seasons more so than the colder seasons.  As for me the summer can hot sometimes and i find myself struggling to function in the oppressive heat. Winters are the same in that i find it hard to function when my body temperature is low or the multilayered clothing restricts my movement.

On that note life for many of us has its seasons as well.  Unfortunately the seasons of life are not as few as the seasons of this world, nor can we mark a calendar and denote its beginning or its end.
Life has many lessons for us to learn as we pass from stage to stage.  We are babies, then children, teenagers, young adults and finally adulthood to the golden years.

Several weeks ago i had a bout of depression and to combat this i started searching the scriptures and praying the psalms asking the LORD to guard my mind and protect me from harmful thoughts. This was not my first experience with depression, however it was the first time that I sought the wisdom of the Bible and the Holy Spirit.
As i progressed through the scriptures i began to see other 'seasons' in the lives of many people and my faith, dependance and view of God increased all-the-more because of it.
As i concluded my search i starting postulating blogposts about the seasons of life we go through as human beings.  Thus, the Season series was birth. I pray you enjoy them.

God bless