Sunday, May 26, 2013

Still Smiling

Six months ago to the day, I took a picture on this rock.   (No i did not stay here all that time.)  Since that day God has done some wonderful things in my life.  I am always amazed at how much attention He gives me and feel undeserving of it.  

But it says in Psalm 31:3 "For You are my rock and my fortress; therefore for Your name's sake lead me and guide me."
So, why do I feel so undeserving?  Self conscience I guess.  Maybe too much time reflecting on my past?  All of the above.  God at times seems  beyond me and other times He is closer than the air I breathe.  AWESOME!!!!
It is nice having a relationship with the King of Eternity.  More than nice actually. (Pick your own adjective).  Even nicer still is His continued presence.  God is THE constant companion and I never tire of Him.  Always faithful (God not me).  Hmm. Now you know why I'm 'still smiling'. God bless

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Down Gilead Lane

This morning I caught the tale end of a radio program I infrequently listen to called "Down Gilead Lane".  Monica Ritcher (a regular on the show) was in jail for some reason or another and she had a breakdown.  Let me pull you up to speed (I'm a slow listener).  Monica is in jail, she fired her lawyer because he had "religious beliefs", her mother's sister has just had a heart attack getting ready to come and help the family adjust, and the night before, her father (a big influence in her life) had passed away and she was not allowed to go to the funeral because of her behavior in jail.  When all was said an done she realized that she was not in control and somebody else was. In these instances Monica came full tilt with the notion that she needed other people to help her.  Monica always got away with intimidation and running down the character of those who did not play ball her way.  In jail everything was coming back to haunt her.  As I sat and listened, my troubles began to melt away and I remembered God is in control and He does see me and my situation.  What a God!! Too bad I am slow to bring that to remembrance ahead of time.  Even through a radio program God speaks to me.  Glory to His name.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Movement Two--The Honour of God

Your words are as alive as You are.  There is no end to the Alpha and the Omega.  Can mankind truly proclaim the greatness of God?  
Each level of the heavens reveal more of Your works.  The first heaven gives us the blue sky and celestial cities.  An ode to our beginning, with more revelation to follow.  They seem to shield us from Your true glory which we are not able to bare.  Birds fill the air and go forth to sing praises to You.  Spreading their wings in an attempt to reach You and exalt You they soar through the sky with ease. 
The second heaven unleashes the sun, moon and stars.  Great bodies of light are they, but only a small glimpse of Your holiness.  Each star is named by You.  Each planet is placed by You on its axis.  O Most High, who is like You?  Your tender mercies and unfailing love are from before time and before man.  I will declare the name of "I AM" to my brethren.  
The third heaven is where You reside.  Such amazing things I cannot, in my frailty, fathom or describe.  Your throne room is where I go when I am in Your presence. I am warmed by the SON and filled with Your Holy Spirit.  
Be exalted, my LORD, in Your own strength.  
Great is the LORD and greatly to be praised.
Be exalted among the nations, be exalted  in the earth.   

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

God Morning

I awakened to see the beginning stages of a new day being created by God.  What a joy it was.  
The darkness of night was slowly rolled back, like an artist turning to the next page of his art book.  
With careful and steady strokes the empty page begins to reveal the mind of the Creator.  A golden orb is the first to spring forth, producing rays of light and warmth for the masses. The firstborn of all creations--The Son.  Changing colors the Artist paints a light blue sky with ease.   Next on the agenda are my favorites, celestial cities (or clouds).  High in the sky they dot the vastness of open space.  These cities provide a covering for us, a sort of guide as they slowly move about the business of the Maker. 
Getting their cue from the Director, a choir of birds start begin to praise Him.  "Chirp, chirp, chirp, chirp."   Even the trees give a wave offering.  
"Who is like You, Most High?"
Other forms of life take shape around me. Cars fill the roads, idle chatter from the voices on the street, construction or destruction going on.  Ah yes, life.
I open my front door to greet the world, preparing myself for what is to come.
Just like the mercy and love of God it too is new every morning.  This truly is a day the Lord has made.  I WILL rejoice and be glad throughout it.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Movement One--The Calming Presence of the Shepherd

He invites me to enter into His rest.  His rest is a welcome respite from my daily sometimes hourly struggles.  With the wave if His left hand, a lush meadow field is displayed before me.  It is so inviting.  He bids me to lay down and enjoy the soothing tentacles of the green grass as my body yields to the soft embrace of gentility.  Peace, sweet enjoyable peace. My troubled soul is flushed clean.  The brook on my left echoes a song of praise.  The waters "are music to my ears."
We walk and talk along the path.  I 'drink in' His presence.  Intoxicating, is the only way to describe it.  My spirit is alive once again, as the Shepherd leads me.  He tells me of His life, His goals, His past and how, I too, will someday become a shepherd of men.
 "Who me?" I exclaim.
"Yes you!"  is the response.

I look into His eyes and see a burning passion.  Or, was it a flame of fire?  I cannot tell.  At first I am taken back by fear, but then His eyes shift and all I see is compassion.  A compassion that I can only describe as immeasurable.   

"What is your name?" I prod.
"Shepherd will do for now.  However, in the not-to-distant future, others like yourself, will come to know me by my True name."  Within myself I cannot grasp the meaning of that statement. Simple yet profound!!  Over and over I replay it in my mind.  No use.  However, my lack of understanding does not create sorrow, but, it stirs an anticipation for the moment when I shall have revelation of their truth.  On that note, we continue to make our way across the open field and for the next hour or so we commune together and I am encouraged by His words. Words such as these would cause debate in most places.  As for me, I am like a deer panting for water.  His words contain power and a richness that stirs my inward parts and I can feel a change taking place inside. 
What manner of man is this?  Clearly he is not just a shepherd.  Only learned men speak with such knowledge and foresight. 

I want more.  Give me more my soul cries out.  I am so hungry for this 'bread'.  This manna from heaven.  Sensing my thoughts, the Shepherd invites me to dine with Him in His home.  

Saturday, May 4, 2013

In Retrospect

Life can be pretty fulfilling at times. On days like today, with the light spring breeze and warm 65 degree weather, one could easily say "Does not get any better than this?" With all the balmy weather going on around the country, these days could be few and far between. Plants and trees are blooming, landscaping is in near-full effect, roadside trash has found its way into garbage bags and the Bee's are buzzing about. Aha! Spring is in the air. Right now I can see people cleaning their front and back yards while the kids are busy being kids. They are riding bikes, playing games on the sidewalks or just enjoying the sun. (Flashbacks)

I wonder how people in the early days of creation handled seasonal changes? Did they pack their winter bearskin clothing and break out the summer bearskins? How much did they need in the way of clothing? Had malls been around? I know, sounds pretty ridiculous. What kind of weather did they have in the days of old?
With the change in weather I can also see the change in people.
The grumpiness of long johns and winter costs are past us, on to be replaced by shorts, tank stops, flip-flops and loud cars. I am almost wanting to roll back the calendar and bring back old man winter. Lol. Not really.

For such a time as this, somewhere, someone is in pure bliss. As I sit on the steps of a building awaiting prayer to start a question pops into mind. Was the early church concerned with the changes of season as much as we are today? They had no cars, motorcycles or even (gasp) horse drawn carriages! Getting to and from was about as arduous as us waiting for fast food nowadays, (double gasp!!).
What has happened to our society? Or dare I say societies? Simply 'being' was enough back then I guess. No, I am not discounting everyday needs and what-have-you.  However, life was less complicated and somewhere along the way 'I assumed' life would become and stay less so, as the years went by. Maybe I am old fashioned? Yeah, I am. School was fun, children played outside and ran around without fear of anything serious happening. Our biggest worry was, who would be the first one to have to go home at night. That's it.
Today cell phones, sorry, smart phones are the ways we communicate to each other. Outdoor games have been replaced by video game systems that do everything but cook breakfast. The family unit has been replaced by..... (I shall let that one hang in the air.)
Times are changing too fast for me sometimes and I quite often wander, where is the relevance?
Charles Dickens had it right when he wrote "it was the best of times, it was the worst of times."