Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Movement One--The Calming Presence of the Shepherd

He invites me to enter into His rest.  His rest is a welcome respite from my daily sometimes hourly struggles.  With the wave if His left hand, a lush meadow field is displayed before me.  It is so inviting.  He bids me to lay down and enjoy the soothing tentacles of the green grass as my body yields to the soft embrace of gentility.  Peace, sweet enjoyable peace. My troubled soul is flushed clean.  The brook on my left echoes a song of praise.  The waters "are music to my ears."
We walk and talk along the path.  I 'drink in' His presence.  Intoxicating, is the only way to describe it.  My spirit is alive once again, as the Shepherd leads me.  He tells me of His life, His goals, His past and how, I too, will someday become a shepherd of men.
 "Who me?" I exclaim.
"Yes you!"  is the response.

I look into His eyes and see a burning passion.  Or, was it a flame of fire?  I cannot tell.  At first I am taken back by fear, but then His eyes shift and all I see is compassion.  A compassion that I can only describe as immeasurable.   

"What is your name?" I prod.
"Shepherd will do for now.  However, in the not-to-distant future, others like yourself, will come to know me by my True name."  Within myself I cannot grasp the meaning of that statement. Simple yet profound!!  Over and over I replay it in my mind.  No use.  However, my lack of understanding does not create sorrow, but, it stirs an anticipation for the moment when I shall have revelation of their truth.  On that note, we continue to make our way across the open field and for the next hour or so we commune together and I am encouraged by His words. Words such as these would cause debate in most places.  As for me, I am like a deer panting for water.  His words contain power and a richness that stirs my inward parts and I can feel a change taking place inside. 
What manner of man is this?  Clearly he is not just a shepherd.  Only learned men speak with such knowledge and foresight. 

I want more.  Give me more my soul cries out.  I am so hungry for this 'bread'.  This manna from heaven.  Sensing my thoughts, the Shepherd invites me to dine with Him in His home.