Saturday, May 4, 2013

In Retrospect

Life can be pretty fulfilling at times. On days like today, with the light spring breeze and warm 65 degree weather, one could easily say "Does not get any better than this?" With all the balmy weather going on around the country, these days could be few and far between. Plants and trees are blooming, landscaping is in near-full effect, roadside trash has found its way into garbage bags and the Bee's are buzzing about. Aha! Spring is in the air. Right now I can see people cleaning their front and back yards while the kids are busy being kids. They are riding bikes, playing games on the sidewalks or just enjoying the sun. (Flashbacks)

I wonder how people in the early days of creation handled seasonal changes? Did they pack their winter bearskin clothing and break out the summer bearskins? How much did they need in the way of clothing? Had malls been around? I know, sounds pretty ridiculous. What kind of weather did they have in the days of old?
With the change in weather I can also see the change in people.
The grumpiness of long johns and winter costs are past us, on to be replaced by shorts, tank stops, flip-flops and loud cars. I am almost wanting to roll back the calendar and bring back old man winter. Lol. Not really.

For such a time as this, somewhere, someone is in pure bliss. As I sit on the steps of a building awaiting prayer to start a question pops into mind. Was the early church concerned with the changes of season as much as we are today? They had no cars, motorcycles or even (gasp) horse drawn carriages! Getting to and from was about as arduous as us waiting for fast food nowadays, (double gasp!!).
What has happened to our society? Or dare I say societies? Simply 'being' was enough back then I guess. No, I am not discounting everyday needs and what-have-you.  However, life was less complicated and somewhere along the way 'I assumed' life would become and stay less so, as the years went by. Maybe I am old fashioned? Yeah, I am. School was fun, children played outside and ran around without fear of anything serious happening. Our biggest worry was, who would be the first one to have to go home at night. That's it.
Today cell phones, sorry, smart phones are the ways we communicate to each other. Outdoor games have been replaced by video game systems that do everything but cook breakfast. The family unit has been replaced by..... (I shall let that one hang in the air.)
Times are changing too fast for me sometimes and I quite often wander, where is the relevance?
Charles Dickens had it right when he wrote "it was the best of times, it was the worst of times."