Saturday, May 25, 2013

Down Gilead Lane

This morning I caught the tale end of a radio program I infrequently listen to called "Down Gilead Lane".  Monica Ritcher (a regular on the show) was in jail for some reason or another and she had a breakdown.  Let me pull you up to speed (I'm a slow listener).  Monica is in jail, she fired her lawyer because he had "religious beliefs", her mother's sister has just had a heart attack getting ready to come and help the family adjust, and the night before, her father (a big influence in her life) had passed away and she was not allowed to go to the funeral because of her behavior in jail.  When all was said an done she realized that she was not in control and somebody else was. In these instances Monica came full tilt with the notion that she needed other people to help her.  Monica always got away with intimidation and running down the character of those who did not play ball her way.  In jail everything was coming back to haunt her.  As I sat and listened, my troubles began to melt away and I remembered God is in control and He does see me and my situation.  What a God!! Too bad I am slow to bring that to remembrance ahead of time.  Even through a radio program God speaks to me.  Glory to His name.