Friday, May 24, 2013

Movement Two--The Honour of God

Your words are as alive as You are.  There is no end to the Alpha and the Omega.  Can mankind truly proclaim the greatness of God?  
Each level of the heavens reveal more of Your works.  The first heaven gives us the blue sky and celestial cities.  An ode to our beginning, with more revelation to follow.  They seem to shield us from Your true glory which we are not able to bare.  Birds fill the air and go forth to sing praises to You.  Spreading their wings in an attempt to reach You and exalt You they soar through the sky with ease. 
The second heaven unleashes the sun, moon and stars.  Great bodies of light are they, but only a small glimpse of Your holiness.  Each star is named by You.  Each planet is placed by You on its axis.  O Most High, who is like You?  Your tender mercies and unfailing love are from before time and before man.  I will declare the name of "I AM" to my brethren.  
The third heaven is where You reside.  Such amazing things I cannot, in my frailty, fathom or describe.  Your throne room is where I go when I am in Your presence. I am warmed by the SON and filled with Your Holy Spirit.  
Be exalted, my LORD, in Your own strength.  
Great is the LORD and greatly to be praised.
Be exalted among the nations, be exalted  in the earth.