Thursday, March 29, 2012

Thank you

The day is coming to a close, birds are chirping, children are playing and laughing, and cars stereos are trying to out due each other while cruising down the streets.
I am on my back porch watching the sun bid adieu to me and my corner of the world, while saying hello to someone else. Times like these are rare for me. In my case I am usually somewhere indoors when the sun takes its light to other places as it leaves me with the hope for a better tomorrow. Right now I feel refreshed and alive, happy to be in the presence of my God.
Slowly the night comes alive as a multitude of colors and noise from fireworks encompasses the sky above me.
The air is pregnant with the anticipation of spring as a cool breeze passes over my skin.
Well, time to go indoors and prepare for "Unshackled" on the radio and make something to eat.
Looking up I say ," Thank you LORD for the gentle reminder that YOU are always present.