Sunday, October 5, 2014

The Other Room

I had a few minutes before bible study tonight so i went into the sanctuary to pray a little just to get into the right mindset.

As i began to pray the peace of God filled me.  Very welcoming I must say.
I smiled and just basked in His presence.  However, not long into my quiet time, laughter filtered through from our fellowship hall (where we have our bible studies) and into the sanctuary followed by light conversations.  

My quiet time was 'un-quietted'.  Guess what?  I smiled all-the-more.  Why?  God says in his word "forsake not the assembling of ourselves (body of Christ) together."   How beautiful and sweet it is to gather together and enjoy the fellowship of one another.  During this time of trials and tribulations we need to encourage one another.  Knowing the people in the room we all come from very differents areas of the country and walks of life.  Apart from each other we are different people however when we  come under the banner of Christ, we are all the same.  One mind, one body, one Spirit.

God was surely pleased and we are to please Him in all we do.
In the sanctuary God's presence is there among His own.
In the bible studies the Spirit of God teaches us. 
In the center of it all is Jesus the Christ.

How was your Sunday spent?