Tuesday, May 30, 2017

If You Dare

Sunday was a very special day for me.  Not only because it was the Lord's day and I got to spend it with other spirit-filled people, it is special because I get to do something I (regrettably) have not done in a while.

Praise the LORD.

My mind has been addled lately, no.  Let me use more concise terms.  I have been waging a spiritual battle and it has been taxing on me.  As per my norm, I forget to include God in my battles.  Yet, scripture tells me " the battle is not mine but the LORD's.  Therefore, I should trust in God and not myself.

So, as we prepare to enter into our special day of praise, I take a quick look about the sanctuary.  People.  Many people.  From all corners of Pennsylvania and whatever walks of life are these people coming together to do one thing.  

Praise the LORD.

Before we came to know Jesus as Lord and Saviour, all of us were broken, battered and bruised, much like Jesus as He hung on the cross.  But for different reasons.  
Jesus was perfect in all of his ways.  Me on the other hand am an imperfect person.  So too are the people who are seated to my left, right, before and behind me.  Yet, a holy God allows us to come into His throne room and create a joyful noise into Him.

What will you do?  Will you sing along with the saints or will you remain silent?
Lift up your head, raise those holy hands and worship the King.

If You Dare.....

God bless.