Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Power of GOD

Several months ago some friends and I were riding on the interstate and making our way home after having spent time together working.   What a blessed day it was.  It was a warm and beautiful day and the wind was blowing across my scalp.  Hehe, ( i do find that funny).  The sun was shining and traffic was light in all lanes.  We had about a 30-40 minute drive ahead of us.

To pass the time I looked up to the sky to thank God for the day and traveling mercies, when I spotted something...in the clouds.
I shook my head to clear the cobwebs and rubbed my eyes to get the red out but, what I saw was real.
Cloud watching is nothing new to me and millions of others around the globe.  As a child my friends and I would lay on the grass and decipher the truth about these celestial cities up above us.

One day while cloud watching I spied a dog, two people fighting, a lamb, a boat and numerous others that would take quite some time to remember.  On this particular day, I saw the power of God.
Yes, the power of God.

What is the power of God?  The power of God is:
parting of the Red Sea
closing the Red Sea around the Pharaoh's army
defeating the Ethiopian army when outnumbered 2 to 1
Jesus dying on the cross for all of mankind
God raising Jesus from the dead
victory over death
The Rapture

This day while looking to the heavens I saw the power of God in its most simple and human inspired form. 
What I saw, looked to be a fist connected to an arm from the shoulder.  Not good enough.  Think of a person flexing their bicep muscle, that would be a better description.  At first I was shocked, but then I felt privileged.  God sees us in all that we do and in those moments ,when we are childlike, he joins in with us and plays along.