Thursday, June 14, 2012

A slight nudge

Even when I am doing nothing and seem unwilling to 'do anything', God is always working.  Case-in-point.  I was in Walmart this afternoon waiting to buy a(n) money order and reading a book.  (Not unusual because it is always crowded there and it was a payday.)  On with my story.  The gentleman behind me and the lady behind him, wait....  Let me just go with the young man first.  The young man asked me, " What are you reading?"  It was the third book from the Left Behind series "Nicolae", and I closed the book so he could see the cover.  For a bit we talked about the concept of the book and series and he said he had just started reading the bible, starting in Genesis.  That was a starter point to current and world events. From what I gather he was looking at such things and wondering, what does it mean?  He is searching for the truth.  I asked him about Jesus and salvation and what he thought it all meant.  We talked a little more and I encouraged him to start reading the book of John and the gospels and he said he would.  During the conversation I am silently praying to God that I would say the right words and I believe that I did.  I offered to give him my number and said he could call me if he had any question.  He did not, but that is OK.  I know that we will see each other again. 

Now as for the lady standing behind him, when I mentioned Jesus and salvation, she looked toward us and stepped closer, I guess to hear the conversation.  I am not sure of her motives ,but, I would like to see the positive side and assume that she too was searching for truth.  However, I failed to ask the young man his name to personalize the conversation, but I am more than comforted by the fact that God knows who he is and I will add him to my prayer list. 

Someday I would like to address him in a future blog with the expectation of him having become a born-again believer in Jesus Christ.  Glory to God.