Thursday, June 21, 2012


Christianity has many words and phrases that seem to confound almost anyone not familiar with its lingo.  I myself am one who is sometimes caught off guard and/or left scratching my head.  Having immersed myself in the bible and its real meaning, in time, that confusion has been taken away. 
Jesus, God's only Son, has many names.  I will not name them, (the list would be exhaustive), but I would like to focus on one in particular and that one is ROCK.

When I think about a rock, I think of a stone that lodges itself in the bottom of my shoes and even gets in there and causes all kind of problems for my feet.  After a while my feet hurt and pain is a byproduct until I do something about it.  I kick off my shoes and begin the search for my enemy.  Romans 9:33 talks about "a stumblingstone and a rock of offence: and whosoever believes on him shall not be ashamed."   The first part of this speaks about a rock of offence, (the one in my shoe).  In my case, the 'rock' had become a problem for me and my footing was not sure because of it.  I had to stop whatever I was doing at the time and deal with it.  The end part (HIM) speaks of Jesus Christ.  HE is the Rock that is solid, unmovable, and sure. 

Jesus is the foundation of our faith and in I Cor. 10:4 he is called our spiritual Rock.  First Peter 2:6 labels him as, a chief corner stone and precious.  Much amazement fills my senses as I look at the two meanings and try to compare and contrast them.  How can this be?  In my human mind, rocks are objects and projectiles that skim across the tops of water or can be used to break windows and hurt others.  We all have done it.

CVS is rebuilding one its stores a few feet from my house and it is beyond belief, mine, at how fast it's going up. A couple of months ago there were only  piles of dirt and rocks and other material along with heavy equipment used in the process.  Unreal!!!  Yet, after the foundation is layed and set, the first stone (that chief corner stone) is layed the building process can continue.  Let's relate this to the Trinity, the Father, Son, and Spirit.
A.    GOD--Our first and ultimate foundation.  Meaning HIS love and mercy and
B.    JESUS--The first piece in the rebuilding process of our spiritual condition.
C.    HOLY SPIRIT--He adds to onto the corner stone by teaching us and guides
        as we grow and builds our faith.

You are surely wondering, "How can this guy get all this from a rock?"  Easy. 
My rock (sins) were causing me to stumble and stammer through this life and I ofter became bruised and battered.  After I found Jesus and discovered who God really is and what I mean to HIM, Jesus became my rock.  My life is fuller and more complete.  I am not saying i still don't have difficulties.  I do.  But, those little nuisances that once made my feet sore and ache are now crushed under the weight of my forgiveness and the Father's love for me.  I no longer look down at what troubles me.  I look to what the David says  in Psalm 61:2 is the "ROCK that is higher than I."  His name is Jesus.