Tuesday, January 1, 2013

History Makers-- Part One

It's a beautiful day, the world has changed. It is now time for us to change the world.

2012 is behind us and so is yesterday.  We cannot do anything to change what has already occurred, however we can affect change for today and the lives of everyone near and dear to us. 

A few days ago I got the news that my Uncle Calvin had passed away and went home to be with the Lord.  This came as a shock to me because I had talked to him a few weeks before.  More sadly, I found out after Sunday morning service at my church.  Over the past couple of years we have had several conversations and I was greatly encouraged by him.  Let me explain.  Uncle Calvin sounded different when we first talked, and in my spirit I could sense 'something'.  Then he dropped the bomb on me, "Jesus was now his Lord and Saviour."  Wow!!  God is great.  Many, many years my mother (who passed many years ago) would be up at night praying for her brothers and sisters and all that she shared the gospel with.  She would pray for their salvation and tell them of God's love for them and that they should accept Jesus as Lord of their lives.  I cannot even begin to say how many lives have been touched by my mother and my Uncle who faithfully carried the torch that was passed onto them by believers before them.

Just two days before hearing about my uncle I read a verse in the bible from Psalm 116:15 and it says, "Precious in the sight of the LORD Is the death of His saints."   For a while I was confused by this verse and then the Holy Spirit showed me my error.  "Read it from God's perspective."
Titus 2:13 reads, "looking for the blessed hope and glorious appearing of our great God and Saviour Jesus Christ." 
We look to the eastern sky and daily anticipate His return to call us home via the rapture.  If we are waiting and looking for Him, surely Jehovah is watching and waiting for us to return to Him.  Then and only then can the once perfect union between God and His creation(s) be wholly restored.  There is no more separation.  We are in His presence and we shall see Him as He is, the veil that limited our finite minds (humanity) has been removed.  Now, when I speak about the old and new testament saints and how they were makers of history because they dared to believe and were counted worthy because of their beliefs, I can add my uncle Calvin.  I am sure you can add to the list of history makers who went forth in the name of Jesus and shared the gospel of salvation.  History makers are remembered for giving of themselves.  Let us remember all the missionaries and aid workers and other believers who are being persecuted and more so faithful to the calling placed on each and everyone of them.  History makers change lives and in the name of Jesus Christ, we too have that power.