Thursday, January 24, 2013


The number ten, by human standards, must represent perfection.  Why do I say that you ask?  Here are a few examples.

Have you ever heard or used the phrase, "On a scale of 1 to 10...." and then proceed to rate the something at the end of said statement?  Sure we all have.
Video games are rated on a one out of ten basis.  Our likes and dislikes are can be put to the same test.  Scoring in Olympic competitions are scored with 10 being the highest.  Here is something we are all guilty of.  Rating on a scale of one to ten (person of opposite sex).  Right now on Spotify i am listening to "Center of It All" by Desperation Band and I give it a perfect 10.  So, there is basis for the number ten being used to represent perfection.  Point is everyone has a different idea of what is or could be considered perfect, it shows our diversity of thought and in some cases (a severe lack of brain power). 
To that end let us look at another set of 'ten'.  This 'ten' reveals humanity as individuals and as a people. That ten is the "Ten Commandments". 
Mankind as a whole, before the giving of the ten commandments, was seriously lacking in moral value.  Their code of conduct was this, whatever was right in their own eyes was good enough for them.  No one else opinion mattered.  Man (men and women) treated each other with little to no regard and this was the first attempt at establishing a moral code within the human race.  Up until the giving of the law to Moses by God, there was no established set of laws, other than what people decided for themselves.  So you can imagine to some extent the chaos on this earth.
These laws were given as a light to be shined on the hearts of everyone.  No one was exempt from them. 

Fast forward several thousands years and we can see the regression mankind has taken in the department of morality.  Every charter, document and legality  in which this nation was initially founded was based upon the bible and the ten commandments.  Look it up!  However, at some point within the last 40+ years (or more) human government has taken a backseat self-government. How can we be advocates of free speech (the first amendment) and yet stifle those who want to pray in schools or public places or dare I say read the bible in view of other people.  How have we become so third world-ish?
The United States of America used to be that land of hope, opportunity and promise.  But now...?  Just like the nation of Israel, when she lost her identity as a nation by incorporating things from the nations that surrounded her into their lifestyles, they were swallowed up by the falseness of a godless life.  America has adopted some of the practices of many countries and is close to leading a godless existence.
Genesis 6:5 " And God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually."                
Hence, the reason for the ten commandments. It was to be their guide for a God-led existence and it is to be our guide for a God-led existence.  No one knew what sin was or how to be a morally upright people.  Sin took that away.
What was once considered wrong in society today is now said to be the 'new right'.  How sad!  There is so much compromise in the world today and truly the only thing that can fix it is a return to the God inspired ways in which this nation was founded upon. Without the "origingal ten", no matter what "ten" man institutes as its own sign of perfection, God's ten shows us our inperfections and only He can fix us.