Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Where can my spirit find rest?
I am in an desert trying to find water
from all directions I can see only the
harsh conditions of my spirit.
Dry and decaying from the lack
of moisture.  My skin peels easily
like a snake shedding its old skin.
How long LORD will you be silent to me?
How long before I am consumed by the torrid heat?
Can anyone save me? 
I feel as though I am walking through a graveyard.
Could this sand be the remains of so many others
who have chosen this path? 
The sun, so high in the sky, appears to be a mere inches from me.
The heat is unbearable. 
I shed more clothing. 
Almost down to nothing.
Relief, I must find relief. 
My throat is getting dryer.  My mouth is held slightly open
by the fatness of my swollen tongue.
My body aches, my steps are shorter, the sand seems heavier.
There is a greater thirst within me now. 
It is growing with each thought and soon reality of my demise.
My spirit mirrors this dry and barren wasteland.
My spirit is crying out because it also thirsts. 
O God, You are my God;
My soul thirsts for You
My flesh longs for You
Hear my voice
Preserve my life
My soul, wait silently for God alone
Trust in Him at all times
Pour out your heart before Him
God is a refuge for us, even in a barren wasteland.