Tuesday, January 21, 2014

My Morning Psalm

My heart will not become faint or weary, You My mighty King are my strength.
In Your right hand You hold me.  With Your left hand You defeat the enemies of my flesh.

Preserve me Father until the day of Your return.  
Hide me in the shadow of Your glory where darkness cannot come near.

I will seek You, only You.  
I desire to live in Your presence in the house of the LORD. 
I will not fear
I will not falter
I will not be moved

You are my refuge
You are my strong tower
You are the Rock my feet are planted on

The beauty of the LORD is His glory
In His holiness man will be found wanting
In His righteousness man will be judged

Redeemer of my soul
God of my salvation
Breath of my finite life
My heart shall trust in You
Lift me up upon eagles wings so that I may soar to the heavens

Nearer my god to thee
LORD it is my plea
To draw nearer to thee
Lift up my head above the dread
From the wickedness of men whose souls are dead
As I hope in You my soul finds rest
Shout for joy my righteous cause
God is the King of all the earth
Sing praises with understanding.