Saturday, November 22, 2014

Penny Serenade

"Sing you a song!  Honey he cannot sing you a song, he's working."

An unseen pair of eyes gazed towards me, exspectingly.  I had not seen nor heard her, yet she knew where i was.  

"Hi."  The little voice called out.  
"Hello.  How are you?"
"I'm okay."  She replied as I looked around for the source.
As I made my way to the end of the isle I finally saw her and I was smitten.
How could she have possibly have seen me?    
Little Ms. Myla was about 2 feet tall and her eyes and smile took up most of her body because they were alive with joy.

Myla looked from her mother to me, thinking we both would cave and I would be allowed to sing her a song.
Mother gently put her arm on her shoulders and walked towards the register to check out. 
"Maybe next time he can sing you a song?" 
Mayla's mom was apologetic as she said "She asks everybody to sing her a song."
Both Myla and I smiled at that thought.  Myla would get her song and I would get to see her again.
I should have asked what her favorite song is.  
Looking at Myla I could not help but think of my own children when they were her size.  (O how I miss them.)  My heart began to ache and tears were filled my eyes.  Quickly, I finished the transaction but Ms. Myla wanted to talk with me some more.  We talked about the nice weather and the Christmas season.  (To have the innocence of a child.)
Myla just smiled and smiled.  Her mother peered down at her with such love in her eyes.  It was good that they lingered for a few seconds more as Myla and I got to know each other a little.  Judgding from the patience of her mother, Myla probably greets everyone she meets and takes time to get to know them.  
Jesus makes a couple of references about children in the scriptures.  
The first one is  "suffer not the children to come to Him..."
The second, "unless we come to Him as little children..."
Looking at Myla i quickly realize how precious I am in the eyes of God and how my joy should be in Him.  And I should sing Him a song.