Friday, December 12, 2014

Food for thought

I stayed at a friends house last night and his mother and I got to talking during a commercial break while watching The Big Bang Theory.  

Celeste told me about an interview she caught a few minutes of on a show.  The person being interviewed was Dolores Hart a former actress who gave up the glitz and glamor of Hollywood to become a nun.

Ms. Hart was asked a question about evil.  Celeste, said her response stuck with her because she thought it was 'thought provoking'.  
Ms. Hart said "Evil, is the absence of love."  
I paused upon hearing this and found it to be 'thought provoking' indeed.

How true.  Because of sin in the heart of man, evil will always win out...unless the love of God breaks through.  It is the love of God displayed on the Cross of Calvary that can change us.  In a way i agree with Ms. Hart's statement.  But, i would say "Sin, is the absence of love, which results in evil acts."