Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Past Few Weeks

Good day to all.   Here are some of the goings on in my life these past couple of weeks.
My dear friend Lisa and I went for a roadtrip to Jim Thorpe, PA.  Jim Thorpe is only a few minutes from where live but there is plenty to do and see.  So come, journey through the photos and see the sights.

                          After parking the car, we come across a group of 
                          going on a whitewater rafting trip.  The picture does 
                          tell the whole story but there was a lot of people there.

                           Including...Jack Sparrow from the Pirates of the 
                           Caribbean movies.  Hmm, you doubt?

                           Take a closer look!  You are right.  It's not him.

                           The group is getting some final instructions before
                           they shove off.  Looks like fun.


                     Off they go for what I believe is a six mile trek down the river.

As I watched them go i felt the need to go rafting myself, but I fought it and stayed on the shore.  Haha
This was just the opening salvo to our fun filled day in Jim Thorpe.

Part 2 soon to follow.