Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Past Few Weeks 2

Welcome to part two of my day in Jim Thorpe with Lisa.  


                          You cannot really tell from this picture but on the four corners
                          of this building above the clocks are gargoils.  As many times
                          as i have been here, I never noticed.  

                                  What captivates me the most about coming to 
                                  Jim Thorpe is the architecture and colors.
                                  The buildings are so vibrant in color and never
                                  look as though they have aged.


                                                      Love the flags.


                                  On this particular weekend, there were a lot of yard 
                                  sales.  My friend Lisa says it is called Yard Sale
                                  Weekend. Strange we would go at this time without
                                  knowing it was that time of the year.

                                   The town and people are really amazing.  Here we
                                   have a young lad outside the ice cream shop
                                   waiting for his parents and sister. 

                                    My pictures do tell the whole story because 
                                    the town was crawling with people.  Almost all the
                                    shops were filled with would-be shoppers and 

                                     Other alluring features of JT are the trains and train
                                     rides, bike and hiking trails that are offered as part 
                                     of the town.

                                     This bridge leads across the rafting waters, which
                                     has a bike path and a walking area for the people.

                                                       Just part of the show.

                                     After a short walk we came to rest at Glen Onoko 
                                     Falls Trail. I had a wonderful time and was pleased 
                                     with the people we met along the way on what 
                                     turned out to be a really beautiful and great day.

                                     The time has come to end this post but be on
                                     the lookout for more pics of the PA lifestyle.
                                     Thank you for your time and God bless.