Tuesday, August 4, 2015


For 2+ years i worked in the local hospital with a young lady named Hope.  Hope, like I was at the time, a nursing assistant.  Hope however, has gone on to get her nursing license and became an RN.  
From time to time i see Hope's sister, twin sister, Heather and we catch up on the times and rehash the olden days.  

Since that day almost two weeks ago i have thought about the person and the meaning of hope.

Hope the person is doing well as a nurse and has gained the respect of her peers and other healthcare professionals who have seen her blossom.  Personally, Hope has a family and is doing quite well on that front also.

Hope, the terminology, can inspire a person and cause them to continue on in the face of adversity and 
great trials.  As a believer, Jesus Christ, is our Living Hope, because He was ressurected from the dead.  If we are indeed in Christ, then we too shall live, even though we die.  
Having no hope, will have the opposite effect on a person.  A person without hope, cannot find meaning in anything.  There is nothing to persue or inspires them to continue on "in spite of."

In the book of the Revelation 9:6 a different hope is spoken of, or shall i say given an additional meaning.  A great multitude of locusts will be loosed upon the earth to torment the unsealed. Men and women who have not accepted God's free gift of salvation.  Those who are unsealed shall be tormented for five months by a creature with the sting of a scorpion.  
Verse 6 says, In those days men will seek death and will not find it; they will desire to die, and death will flee from them. 
All who are stung by these beasts shall try to kill themselves or ask someone to take their life to escape the pain and suffering of it all.  But death will flee from them.  Even in life they have no hope.  Add to the fact that when death receives them it will lead to eternal damnation because there is no gospel messege for them to hear.  No hope even in death.
God's hope will become reality when they stand before Him on judgment day and with open eyes cry out for mercy, only to have the words fall on deaf ears.

As for me, I have hope in life, should the Lord allow me to tarry here on this earth until the rapture happens.  I, too, have hope in death.  Because i have accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour, i will someday see Him face to face and live in His presence immediately after my final breath leaves my body.

Why would I not want to share "this hope", Jesus Christ, with others?
Jesus Christ was nailed to a cross for our sins.
Jesus Christ died on that cross for our sins.
Jesus Christ rose again three days later.
Jesus Christ is my Living Hope.

What God has done for Him, He has done for me.  
Let God do for you what He has done for me.
Salvation belongs to God, and He freely offers it to you.