Monday, September 7, 2015

The Call For Reapers

This morning has been a battle for me.  I struggled in my prayer time, trying to focus my heart on the Lord.  I struggled reading the scriptures because of no direction.  For a few minutes I walked to and from my living room and kitchen in silence hoping for a resolution.  

I asked God to forgive me and sat down to sing a song of praise to Him.  As I looked through my hymnal the Spirit lead me to this song "The Call for Reapers."
I don't recall having heard this song before yet it had the desired effect...peace, and it brought the desired result...perspective.

V.1 Far and near the fields are teaming with the waves of ripened grain; 
      far and near their gold is gleaming over the sunny slope and plain.
V.2 Send them forth with morn's first beaming; send them in the noontide's glare
      when the sun's last rays are gleaming , bid them gather everywhere.

V.3 O thou, whom thy Lord is sending, gather now the sheaves of gold;
      Heav'nward then at evening wending, Thou shalt come with joy untold

Chorus:  Lord of harvest, send forth reapers!  Hear us.  Lord, to Thee we cry.

God bless