Friday, September 18, 2015

Touch--Part 02

There is a song we sing at my church every-so-often, called "Spirit Move". It is a simple song, not very long.  Yet, the words within the song convey a longing that every born-again believer in Jesus Christ desires, or has asked at some point after salvation.

                                       Spirit move, in this temple
                                       Spirit move, in my life
                                       Spirit move, I am calling
                                       Spirit move, I am Yours

As I look out at the waters of Lake Irene, I see the early morning mist ebbing across the top of the water,as the sun rises majestically taking its place in the eastern sky.  Surrenity all around.

At one point several thousand years ago the Spirit of God hovered over the waters waiting for God's command to "give life."  Today in my life and quite possibly yours the Spirit is waiting to come in and once again "give us life."  It is the Spirit of God who makes the word of God come alive for me and brings meaning to the words contained in the holy scriptures.  
Lately I have been reading from the prophetic books of the bible and much understanding has been given to me.  But on the flip-side, some passages remain a mystery to me.  I'm ok with that.

Jesus says in John 6:63 "These words that I speak to you, they are spirit and they are life."
My soul longs for the touch of the Holy One because without Him I have no life.
Just as the Spirit waited in anticipation to come into the waters and give life, so to, do He long to come into me and make me alive.  
Unless I allow the Holy Spirit to do His given work, I shall remain like the waters before His touch "full of potential, yet empty of life."  

God bless.