Friday, February 19, 2016

Joy Unspeakable

I witnessed something really simple, but heart warming this morning.  

While making my way to the bus station two cars passed me and a gentleman was walking behind me on my right.  

As he caught up to and passed me he said "Hello."
Making sure no more cars were coming answered back "hello."
Just as the second car was making the right hand turn at the stop sign a young man leaned out of the passenger side wide and (for all the work to hear)
"Heeey Andy how are you?  God bless you man."
Andy was the gentleman I had just spoken to.  
The young man had the biggest smile on his face I had seen in some time.  He was literally out of his seat with upper half of his body hanging out the window and waving with his left arm.  
Andy in full happiness waved back and said "God bless you too.", as the car disappeared into the shopping plaza parking lot.  
Having heard that exchange I smiled and thanked God.  
Moments of joy are fleeting these days and genuine joy all the more so.  

God bless