Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The Cross

I'm in Burger King right now looking at this cross.  A small reminder of something great.  The cross is with me everyday.  It is in my remembrance regarding my salvation, my forgiveness and my future hope.  
The cross tells the story of a man named Jesus, who over 2,000+ years ago was nailed to one of these for me.  For me!!!!
I cannot phantom it in my head.  I can recall the scene from several movies over the years, but they don't adequately display His pain and sorrow.  My heart is captivated by His sacrifice.  And His story.  
The bible says "when He was on the cross, I was on His mind."  
I cannot go back in time to that day and look upon His face, to listen to the words as He labored to speak them.  I cannot process his mothers pain as she gazed upon the son of her flesh.  Would she have traded places with Him if possible?  
Yes, if possible.  
However, God had something else planned.  This man and this death represented something far beyond human comprehension.  It represented something spiritual.  This day was reckoning day.  Gods desire for justice against the crime called sin required a sacrifice.

This cross presents two options to me.  It shows God making a way for me to be made right in His eyes once again.  Jesus' death on the cross bridges a gap that no works, words or means can transverse.  This cross tells me the work is already done.  All I need do is accept it.  
Believe.  Simply believe.
Confess.  Not just my sins, but my need for Him. 
Accept Jesus as Lord and Saviour of my life.  

Option two tells me I need to trust in someone else and not my own wisdom.
Many will reject the cross because their works will get them where they need to go.  The fruit of their labor will be there reward.  Why share with anyone else?  Prideful people they are.  They have their reward.  

I need Jesus.  Without Him I am literally a mess of a person.  I cannot find peace, joy or happiness in anything apart from Him.  
Sure there are days when I fall prey to the  desires of my flesh and temptation, but....

this cross says, I am free from the guilt of sin, if I confess my sin and turn away from it.  I struggle understanding the cross.  Yet, I find myself embracing it more and more everyday.  God has met a need within me that no earthly source can fulfill.  


It spoke to me when I cried out.
It speaks to me now when I cry.
It comforts me when I look to it.
The cross transcends time and human 
The cross has no barriers.  All are welcome to come to it.  Male, female, young and old.  

There is room for you.  Come beside me and see the Saviour.  Look upon the One who gladly gave so you and I could gladly receive. 

Come to the Cross and find forgiveness.
Come to the Cross and find once again your first love. 
Come to the Cross and rest for your weary soul.
Come to the Cross and rediscover Jesus Christ.  
Come to the Cross and know He did it all for you.  

God bless.