Saturday, July 7, 2012

Rain Delay

Proverbs 18:24a "A man that has friends must show himself to be friendly..."

God continues to amaze me no matter what the circumstance is.  Earlier this evening, I was racing home to try and beat the coming rainstorm.  Needless to say, I did not make it home.  However, as I was rushing from the south side of Hazleton to my home I noticed something that made me say "Whoa!" 

Just before the rains came, they sky was an eerie green with a tint of blue, and all the clouds in the sky seemed to be turned upside down.  Yes, upside down.  Immediately I stopped in my tracks and reached into my pocket for my iPhone and soon realized I had left it at home.  BUMMER!!!  No pics to back up my story.  Any who.  Gazing up at this celestial phenomenon I easily cried out "Thank you Lord."  For me this is a rare privilege because I had never seen this before and for the briefest of moments I ventured to think a tornado was emanate.  The sky turned darker with wind and debris moving about in a circular motion 20+ feet in the air.  Fearing the worst, I willed my feet to move and they did (without hesitation) and proceeded to make it to one of my safe houses.  (Safe houses are places I know I can go to in an pinch or emergency.)s  

As I sat out the rain delay, I got to talking to one of the residents of the safe house, a young lady Josephine, whom I had seen around town and in passing said hello to.  During our time together we talked about the weather (oddly enough), sports (me mostly, wanting to get home and listen to the Tampa Bay Rays on the radio) and life in general.  Over the next 30-40 minutes or so we also covered the Internet and some of its 'propietary issues', her hometown of Shenandoah, Hazleton and flowers.  Truth be told I was quite taken by her and her story.  What a joyous time. 

The rain slowed to a crawl.   I waited a few more minutes to be sure it was done(Texas weather in Pennsylvania) got up, said my goodbyes and wished everyone well.
Once again I thanked God for the rain delay because it afforded me the opportunity to spend time with someone who had shown herself to be friendly and in turn gained a friend--me. 

Solis dios Gloria
(to God alone be the glory)