Friday, August 3, 2012

Whom Have I But You

Fear and failure can lead a person to the breaking point.  In this day and age of social media and the constant advancements in technology everything IS magnified to the nth degree.  I often wonder when will it all end?  And how?  Such times do cause me to be fearful and sometimes immobile.  Imagine your every move being broadcast for all the world to see.  Everything you say and do all scrutinized in the court of public opinion? 

The people of this generation have no idea what lies ahead and if I spent the rest of my time here on the earth speaking to them about 'their' future, I would not be able to put a dent into the population around me.  If anything, it would spur action against me.

David said in Psalm 56 verse 3, "when I am afraid, I will trust in you."

If anyone experienced fears and failures in their lifetime it was David.  Yet, throughout all these constant battles from around him and within his own household, David trusted in the LORD.
Verse 4, In God, i will praise his word and trust him
Verse 9, God is for me
Verse 10,  In God i will praise his word; in the LORD i will praise his      word
Verse 11, In God have i put my trust
Verse 12, O God, i will sing praises to thee

At the end of this psalm David says something that made me chuckle and also made me rethink my view of Jehovah and how I pray to him.  Verse 13 states (paraphrased) "God has delivered my soul from hell, surely he is capable of keeping my feet from stumbling so I may walk upright before him."

To walk upright before God does not imply we will have a life without fears and failures.  These stepping stones are what gives us cause to praise God all the more.  HIS greatest work was salvation thru the Cross of Christ and there is nothing to small or insignificant for God to do for HIS beloved.  In closing I would like to say, as long as I have God, why do i need fear what man can do to me?  and what more do I need other than HIM?