Friday, October 19, 2012

Random Act of Kindness

I would like to share with you all...a random act of kindness.

Today was a scheduled day off for me and I had no special plans to do anything.  I had thought about going to the movies, but decided against it.  None of the advertised shows piqued my interest.  (Pickings seem to be pretty slim after the "Avengers".)
Back to my story.  I was at the mall, leaving work after having gone in to pick up my paycheck when I heard this lady asking "if I could help her?"  First of all she was not talking to me, as from where i was walking she could not have seen me.  Not knowing this at that moment I turned to say "yes."  A few feet behind me was another gentleman walking into the mall, he too said "yes."  Someones car had stalled in the driving lane in the underground parking lot at the mall and she needed help moving her car.  While going to her car I spotted someone I worked with and asked him to give us a hand and he agreed. 
For some unknown reason her car just shut down and wouldn't start again.  So, the three of us got behind the car and started pushing and we were doing good until her steering wheel stopped turning.  Joe, the third guy, got behind the wheel and muscled it as the two of us pushed.  Once we got some momentum it was pretty easy to get the car safely out of the driving lane and off onto the side away from traffic.  We all know how crazily people drive when going in and out of mall parking.  (Live action frogger and Nascar mixed together).  As we all went about our way, she called for a tow truck and waited with her friend in the car.  The ladies were very thankful and relieved.  Much joy was had in that moment.