Saturday, November 16, 2013

Six= A Season of Change

A couple of days ago I awakened to a light snowfall and a slight chill in the air.   What happened to the fall season?  Did I sleep through it?  Maybe it has a shorter season now?  
This snowfall, to me, represents the official end of summer (ugh).  
I look around outside and I see the barren trees quivering and lifeless leaves on the ground.  The season is changing and so is life.

Every morning I prepare myself to go out into the cold air and cold world. Physically I put on my long johns, long sleeve shirt, hat, gloves and I'm ready to venture out.  
Spiritually, I wake up pray and read the scriptures to stear my heart and soul towards the Almighty. It helps to know no matter the season of life I am in God is always there--unchanging.  Spring, summer, fall and winter the faithfulness of God shines through.  

With society today experiencing more and more 'birth pangs' and the coming apostasy of the body of Christ I was easily led in my mind to focus on "what will happen to the world" per the evil.  Not many times do I look to the "good" that will happen in the same days.  I selfishly pray "come quickly Lord Jesus."  Very foolish of me. As I get older in the physical sense my body is not as quick to adjust to the cold-weather.  One layer becomes two and somedays three. (Revelation: I am not 39 anymore).  Mentally, I cannot adjust to the continued rejection of God by society.  

Having moved past the created and on to the Creator, I was lead by the Holy Spirit to the book Habakkuk in the Old Testament.  There I read of God's terrible judgment that will befall the nation of Israel for their sin.  However, in the midst of all that is to come my Lord showed me a promise.  This verse is God's reply to the prophet Habakkuk concerning the condition of Israel.  His coming judgment will not favor Israel.  But, to me it is a sweet proclamation of what God will do in our present day, even though I see the sinful condition of the world.  
Chapter one verse five reads like this, (God talking) "Look among the nations and watch--be utterly astounded!  For I will work a work in your days which you would not believe, though it were told you."

I stopped and glorified The Lord of heaven and earth.

Immediately, I knew what He wanted me to see and do. God wanted me to stop being amazed (the seeing) by the depth of mankinds sinful nature and what it can accomplish.  
Instead He wants me to focus on the great harvest of souls (the doing) that will come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ in this season of human life.  Will I do as Habakkuk did and pray for the mercy of God to fall upon us?  Yes.  Even in the midst of His wrath.