Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Good and the Bad

The blog post you are about to read is true.  No names were changed to protect the innocent. 

(My best Joe Friday voice): It was Wednesday November 6, early afternoon in Hazleton, Pa.  The air outside was pretty warm for an early November day.  My only intent was to relax and reply to some correspondence I had received previously.  But then I got hungry and I wanted something to eat.  The next few paragraphs will describe my day, so far. 

(From time to time I email my brother and relay some goings on with me.  The first paragraph was to be the only content of the email between us). 

I only had the good, but something just happened that put the bad in it.  I was in McDonald's yesterday morning before work having a cup of coffee (strange in itself) reading Decision, the Billy Graham magazine.  A few minutes later a young lady sits across the way from me.  Normal happenings, it is a restaurant.  A couple of minutes later I see she is reading a bible and writing in a journal.  Nice!!  I wanted to say something to her but I figured it was her quiet time and did not want to disturb her.  So I wrote on a index card an introduction and some words of encouragement and a scripture reference.  On the back of the card I put my phone number and email address.  It's like 730-8 in the morning.  I get up and go to work and slip the card on the table next to her.  All day I'm thinking will she or won't she respond.  I was not REALLY waiting to hear from her, but it was in the back of my mind.  So they day ends and nothing.  A little bummed. So Tuesday night I check my email and see this heading -from the young lady from McDonald's-, and am stunned.  Wow she replied. 

Her name is Ana Gonzalez and she thanked me for doing that and offered some words of encouragement to me.  Now we will keep in touch by email.

Onto the bad. It is Wednesday afternoon and I'm sitting in a Wendy's restaurant just using the free wifi.  As I sit down to eat, a lady across the restaurant gets up to get some napkins and a guy at the table next to her, gets up and steals her purse.  Brazen.  Without thinking I ask some stranger (her story is last) to watch my stuff.  My laptop, bible, lesson for bible school, Wednesday night and Saturday morning.  I chase after the guy down the street.  (Tis the stuff legends are made of).  As I am following him I call the police and give a full description and his movements.  I loose him about five minutes into the call.  (Yes, while running after him I am on the phone still.)  I need to get a Bluetooth (spell checker has Bluetooth as two words).  I loose him as he turns the corner 2 blocks ahead of me.  Because I know the town it's easy to pick shortcuts to catch up to the purse snatcher.  Now the police pulls up and I talk to him and tell him what happened.  He says to me "get in the back of the car."

WHAT??  I'm thinking.  But much louder.  Just what I need a few hours before bible study is to be spotted in the rear of a police cruiser. I show him where he dumped her purse ( a laundry mat garbage can) and as we are leaving they have him spotted on broad St. and catch him.  Baretta, Colombo, Jim Rockford all rolled into one yeah.
The officer retrieves the bag from the can (garbage) drives over to the restaurant and talks to the lady ( I have seen her around town) and returns her bag.  She had no idea it was gone.

Now for the climax.  I sit down and my food is cold, no big deal.  The lady who watched my stuff was overwhelmed.  It is her first time in Hazleton and she was like "I don't know what just happened.  You were sitting down and next thing you are running out."  She went on to say that I did a good thing and there should be more people like me.
No arguments from me.  I totally agree.  At this point I've passed Baretta, Colombo and Jim Rockford and am now sporting a big "S" on my chest. The real me.  What a day or couple of days.

And it's only Wednesday.