Monday, October 21, 2013

Flood (Heaven)

My eyes have seen the beauty of the Lord
an untold number of voices sing their praises.

"Hallelujah to the Lamb seated on the throne
Glorious King, Righteous Saviour
Holy, holy, holy to the Son of God"
You stand above the heavens an ensign to all

Sing aloud O my soul,
Sing aloud O my soul
Sing aloud for our Redeemer

Lord of the ages whose love spans time
You endured the cross, suffering sin and shame
Your blood was shed for me, my life has been changed

From the dawn of creation to the end of the ages
let the four corners of the earth sing unending praises
"Almighty and strong
victorious in battle
our enemies defeated confined to their hell."

We shall flood the heavens with a new song
"All hail King Jesus
Emmanuel has come to save
Beginning and end
Beloved of God
Morning Star
Doorway into heaven
Great God
High Priest
Lord of glory
Lord of hosts
Holy One
Hope of Glory"

You are our hope revealed