Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Not particularly proud of this post but, in all instances God works.  I did not have a good day at work today.  We are getting ready for an inspection plus the daily grind of working in retail ( another post I could do)  and tempers flaring, makes for a not to pleasant 8 hours.  

Something happened today that brought me low and I thank God for it.  A customer was ready to check out and I was close by so I rang up her order.  My attitude was not the most professional and she noticed it.  N ( first initial of customer) asked me "how are you doing?" My answer was a short grunt.  Strike one (me being selfish).  Next, she seemed at a loss for words, not because of me, just distracted.  Strike two (she is hurting and I don't catch on).
N and I start talking and she says her husband just passed away.  I asked he how long were they married?  N says "51 years."  Amazing.

I offered my condolances and she starts crying.  N apologizes for the tears and I said no problem.  We spend a few minutes more talking and she has to go.  
As she is walking away my heart breaks for her.  N appears to shrinking under the  weight of the grief she is going through.  
I almost began to cry.  
HOW!!!  HOW could I have been so insensitive?  So spiritually insensitive?  Strike three (spiritual dross).

How far have I gone from The LORD?
N showed more care and concern for me than I did for her.  I am such a...tool.

Instead of being a willing instrument of righteousness for God, I was a willing instrument of unrighteousness.  
God forgive me.