Friday, October 11, 2013

68 in four parts (part 4)

Your command is our desire
Strengthen us Mighty God

Your temple is the jewel of the earth
Your temple at Jerusalem

Bow before the throne of the King
King Jesus
Faithful and True
Captain of our Salvation

Rebuke the kings of the earth
They shall bow in Your presence
They shall bring presents to You
Not gold, silver or fine linens
Praise O King Eternal
That is what they shall bring to You
Eternal God
Eternal praise
We will give You for the rest of our days

Gather the righteous from the four corners of the globe
Scatter the rebellious to the very same
Sing to God kingdoms of the earth
Sing praises to the Lord

The earth is His footstool
Heaven is His throne
Ascribe greatness to the King
His excellence is over all the earth

Blessed be God the Father
Blessed be God the Son
Blessed be God the Holy Spirit
Three in One