Monday, February 17, 2014


I am at my favorite morning hangout, mcdonalds.  I don't have work until 12 but I wanted to get out and feel the warm sun as it melts some of the snow we have gotten the past few days.  
Right now it is a wonderful respite from being indoors and cowering underneath several layers of clothing.  I was starting to get cabin fever.  

Here is a view of some of the snow.  Did you get much?  If not, where do you live?  Just joking.
We will probably need all of spring and most of the summer seasons to get rid of all the snow that has come so far.  
To put a positive spin on this, from years back, I would always say "the snow is like God's laundry detergent for the earth."  As we get closer to the return of Jesus we do need a good cleansing down here.  Enjoy your day.