Thursday, June 11, 2015

The Robe -- I

He stood on the platform a free man.
Within two minutes and 3,000 gold coins later,
he had become a slave.  
A chance meeting that would come to 
have eternal implications.

"Did you see Him?"
"No I did not.  I was too far away."
"He looked me right in the eyes.  I thought He wanted to say something but He kept walking."
Another chance meeting that would come to
have eternal implications.

"Where is He?  I must find Him!" He asked a street merchant.
His heart raced with fear as he ran from house to house looking for Jesus.
Searching for most of the night, he had not found the prophet from Galilee. 
Exhaustion got the better of him and he laid down to rest before starting his search again.

Three hours later he was awakened by the noise of the crowd.  
From outside his window he heard someone say "They've arrested the prophet from Galilee. They have arrested Jesus."

A fresh batch of fear almost overwhelms him.  Staggering out of bed he rushed to the sound of the voice proclaiming the arrest of Jesus.
"Where have they taken Him?"
"Before the chief priests and elders."