Saturday, June 13, 2015

Two Books

My friend Marlon loves social media.  He can literally spend hours upon hours on social media.  Well, Facebook and all associated with it.
As I was doing my bible reading this morning an(n) incident came to mind from some time ago. Marlon posted a picture on his page and he was not to happy with the response or should i say lack of responses.
At this present moment i cannot recall what the picture was specifically, but it had something to with his profile.
(Marlon's comments will be bold type, mine regular.)
"What the hell!  I put this picture on my page this morning and only 8 people liked it?"
"What do you expect?  It is only a picture of you."
"Still.  I have over 2,000 friends and only 8 people liked it? "
In a sarcastic tone i replied "Oh the humanity."
For the next several minutes i was lectured about his supposed importance to the people of facebook and how their lives will fall into disarray without him.
Let me add, that it is about 3:00 in the afternoon and most people are at work or school or wherever.
Expecting his friends to be sitting by a computer on a social media, waiting with bated breath, for him to post something is quite....asinine.  (Forgive my language.)
Needless to say Marlon was very unhappy and threatened to boycott Facebook and his friends for three days.  (Which by the way only lasted until he got home.  A ten minute ride from work.)

Psalm 139:17-18 says of us in regards to our heavenly Father, "How precious also are Your thoughts to me, O God!  How great is the sum of them!  If I should count them, they would be more in number than the sand; when I awake, I am still with You."

If only my friend Marlon would realize that the only like that matters is the one he gets from God.  
How great is the sum of that one vote than all the number of likes or shares he would get on facebook from his friends.  Besides, his friends can at any time unfriend him and continue on in life.  God, his Eternal Father, will always be by his side.  Never will Facebook hold more sway in my life than the Bible, the good book.

God bless