Thursday, January 7, 2016

Touch--Intermission B

I start this blogpost with a question.  Not to you directly but i shall put this out there.

What is more real to you, heaven or hell?

I have struggled with this post for the over a year now.  The subject matter was the question.  Many of my posts over the years have talked about the rewards of eternal salvation and how to obtain it. Several posts have talked of the gains or losses of accpeting or rejecting the free gift of salvation.  
Questions abound in my head.  Do I or don't I devote a post to the subject of hell?  Will I offend anyone?  Am I doing it for myself or to stir others to think about such things?  

God's love was enough for me.  I had hoped it would be enough to lead others to salvation also.  
Sadly, it has not.  So without further adieu, I give you Touch--Part 03.

God bless