Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Black Friday--Part One (weekend trilogy)

What happened?  Still, to this day, I cannot really phantom it all.  The horror of it all. 

Darkness hovered over us like a thick wool blanket.  As far as the eye could not see, people mulled about everywhere.  Surely no one was sleeping at this hour.  How could they?  How many were here?  Hundreds, thousands, if not more. Voices could be heard talking about it still.    

My heart was pounding, and my palms were sweaty from fear.  It was my first time here and my only wish was to see it through to the end.  The tension and excitement were palpable.  "O Lord", I silently voiced within.  No one seemed familiar to me and I found small consolation on other faces, as they too were filled with fear. 
It was at this time that a primal yell filled the vacuum of space around me and I almost reached the heavens when I jumped.  Something was happening and the blood thirsty crowd was now quiet.  Run, I kept telling myself.  Over and over again the words raced in my mind.  Yet, I could not move.  My feet were being held in place by an unknown force that urged me to keep looking forward and not to the left or the right.  Willingly I obeyed and not realizing that doing so would alter my life in a very profound way.  Little did I know that the Lord would be here before the light of day was over.

The security force formed a barrier before the people keeping them at bay.  How much longer?  Upon finishing my thought someone hollered "What's taking so long?"  Then another cried out "Hurry up!"  One by one the crowd became boisterous.  The security detail braced for the presumed rush of bodies.  A command was given and a member rushed off to the side and requested more help.  Within seconds more guards were stationed in front of the crowd.  Defiance filled the people and they surged ahead a few feet.  Weapons were drawn and more blood was about to be spilled.  "Stand your ground!"

Deaths' fragrance filled the air, the unholy alliance of evil and the hearts of mankind.
Who would be the next to die?