Friday, November 30, 2012

Candid Conversations (prequal)

Several months ago I was given a challenge. Well, no really a challenge. Let me rephrase that. I was asked to seize upon the opportunity to talk to any older person and get their impressions on life and the advancements within the past 30+ years or more. Thinking about this caused a(n) bit of excitement because I do not often (ever) spend a fair amount of time with people of the 'older persuasion'. Truth be told, I am looking forward to these candid talks with the upper class. (I use that term upper class to show a respect for them and their age.) If I am able I would like to record the talks and find a way to post them onto my blog. If I am unable to do so then, maybe, podcasts are in my future. Interesting!!!!!! Well, in any case I hope you like it. I am also currently working on a ten part series of posts called unofficially "Ten". This is a long time in the writing and I will debut it in January starting in reverse order from ten. Whew!! One last item and I'm done. I am currently working on a post called 'The People's Champion', that was supposed to be a Christmas post from 2011 however that changed when I lost the video, accidental deletion. That will be posted soon. Happy holidays and God bless from Marshylnerd.