Monday, November 26, 2012


 These past few weeks have been very tense and emotional for a lot of people.  Just to clarify, I am not talking about planning meals (for those staying home) or making travel plans (those who are going elsewhere) for Thanksgiving.  I am talking about the goings on in the Middle East.  Israel and  Hamas have been exchanging missiles and threats for some time and Israel was on the very edge of the envelope with the notion of sending in ground troops.  It makes me wonder, but not too much, how close are we to the return of Jesus Christ to rapture the church?  Hmm!!!  
This past week the church I attend served food and drinks (hot and cold) to travelers at a rest area on the interstate.  Fantastic times and always a great way to serve the Lord and the people who come into the tent. Being here and 'going forth' for God, makes me appreciate my salvation all the more and gives me a greater incentive to reach out to those who are lost and in need of Jesus themselves.  During a respite from the news concerning the Middle East and life and the rest area, I had someone take a picture of me standing on a rock (Psalms 61:2) and immediately a song and a prayer came to mind.  The song is from Chris Rice, one of my favorite christian singers and it is called "Smile".  The prayer--Maranatha Lord Jesus.  The photo below, shows me looking up to sun, thinking of the Son and finding peace amidst a world in turmoil.           
Another thought comes to mind as I finish this post.  The apostles in the books of Acts (1:9-10), gazing up into the heavens as Jesus is being taken up on the glory cloud of the Father.  One day I hope to see Jesus on the glory cloud of the Father calling me home.  That is my blessed hope and it is that hope that causes me to 'Smile'.  Enjoy   

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