Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Movement Three--From Death to Life

The wind, blowing east to west, picks up a mass of dirt and begins to swirl it around in the air, giving it (for a moment) the appearance of life.  Somehow I am moved by this and draw closer to this "dance" between the seen and unseen.  After a few seconds, the music stops and the dirt reconnects with its brethren and becomes lifeless.

Is this how God first saw me?  As a lifeless pile?  No.  If God knew me before the foundations of the world was laid, then I was already a finished product in His mind.
God also saw a "diamond in the rough" if you will.  He saw me!!  God saw me as a person who will be made in His image and hopefully over the course of my life, become like Him. The potential is there (hence diamond-in-the-rough barb). 
When God called me into being did I dance at the sound of His voice?  Did my spirit leap, like John did when Mary spoke to his mother Elisabeth as he was yet still in her womb?

Was my moment of creation comparable to the foreshadowing of Israel's in the valley of dry bones?   Ezekiel 37 tells the story of God (one day) re-gathering Israel in her own land and becoming a nation within the world again. The nation of Israel is dead (its people scattered) into the farthest reaches of the known world, without land to call its own.  When I first heard this miraculous story I was floored, literally. 

Just like God did with Israel, He too, can do to you.  God can reach you in whatever corner of the world you are in and bring you out.  God can do the impossible.  Let him speak over you and bring you back together whole and as a living breathing person called unto Him. 
The inhabitants of Israel were lost among the nations of the earth and needed someone great and powerful to pull them out.  That someone was God.  You too are lost and in need of someone GREAT AND POWERFUL to pull you from certain death.  Jesus, the only Son of God, tasted death so that we may have life, life eternal.