Saturday, June 1, 2013

Relay for Life--Day One

Today I will be volunteering at Relay for Life.  This event honors the people who have lost their lives to cancer and those who are cancer survivors themselves.  This is not my first time at a American Cancer Society event.  However, this is my first time being a part of such.  My mother passed away from cancer a number of years ago and for some reason I never sought out any opportunities to join the fight against cancer.  That will change. 
The theme for this years event is:

My friend Marlon is a cancer survivor as are several of the people I work with.  As I'm sure you know, the American Cancer Society does a lot of work within communities in support of cancer victims and their families.  So, today I will stretch my boundaries and give back in support of
 the fight against cancer. 
Look for pictures and notes on the teams and individual at today's Relay for Life event from Hazleton, Pa. in part two later today.