Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Kiss Your Feet

I have no oil to pour upon Your head.  My steps are unsure and weak.  How can I come before You filled with such dread?

I am a sinner and my sins are great, my tears are greater.  They flow with an ease that belays my soul.  I need Your touch to make me whole.  My heart is broken and my spirit is sorrowful. 

Lead me to Your light.  Lead me O King eternal, please lead me.

In Your presence I stand.  The eyes of the people are upon me, and their tongues lash against me.  You are my focus, You are my center.

All I have in this life is in my hands and they are empty.
I live because of You, now I want to live for You.
I was born to give You praise.
Take my life.  Take it all.

I'm bowed down, continually weeping.
You touch my crown, more weeping.
I no longer run and hide, Your freedom has taken away the pride.

Touching Your glory my tears become sweet.
I was born to kiss Your feet.

An earthly crown shall rust and decay, but You my Lord become my savior today.
I was born to kiss Your feet.

My sins are forgiven, my life secure.
I was born to kiss Your feet.

The same love that brought You to me, draws me to You. 
For this love, I was born to kiss Your feet.