Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Road Trip-Part 2 (interlude)

What a MAGNIFICENT day!!!!  Can you see the excitement in the words? Can you hear the excitement in the words?  Much, much, much (one more) much fellowship was wrought today.
Every time we go to the rest stops we are blessed.  By God yes, but more so the people we encounter and the "theme" we often work under as we are there.  

If I could title this Fourth of July outreach it would be 'draw me close'.  The believers who came through asked for prayers of encouragement to draw closer to God in their relationships and to not give in to what the world says is good for them.   Many, who do not have a personal relationship with Jesus, came seeking Him.  They had a spiritual hunger and wanted the "Bread of Life".  Glory to God.  

The message of salvation was shared THE SEED WAS PLANTED.  Or watered.  Amazing!!!!!!!

God is faithful and His word will not return void, says so in the scriptures.  I know lives were changed this morning and this afternoon and all the glory goes to Jehovah.  This is what it is all about---souls for the kingdom of heaven.  

(I apologize for the picture bugs)