Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Get Smart

I close my eyes to block out the world of noise around me.  The young woman and boy behind me are arguing about his behavior.  Two older lads across the way are talking about 'cups'!!  Go figure.
Directly in front of me are two girls trying to decide when to pull the 'stop signal' for the bus driver.  Over to their right three ladies are talking quite loudly and the bus driver and a friend are discussing music.

Me?  I just want to get home. Home, a twenty minute ride away.  

I titled this one Get Smart because of something that came to mind on my bus ride home.  If you are as old as I am then you remember the show.  It starred Don Adams, Barbara Feldman and Ed Platt.  Great stuff that tv show.

What I recall most and best about the show was its gadgets.  I don't remember them all, there was the shoe phone, the camera inside the bowl of soup and the laser from his sports coat.  But I loved the "Cone of Silence".  This was brought about every time Max wanted to talk to the Chief and felt the utmost security precautions needed to be taken.  Hence, the cone of silence.  
The Chief always protested and tried to get Max to be reasonable, but as you may know, it did not work.  Neither trying to get through to Max or the cone of silence.  Many times it would get stuck and not come down all the way or it would go so low that they would be on their knees trying to talk.  However, the greatest bit of laughter came from Max and the Chief not being able to hear each other while using the cone of silence.  
That is what I needed today on the ride home from work---silence.   My mind and heart were reeling from some news I had received just a couple of minutes prior from my brother.  I needed to process what he told me.  I wanted to cry.  Some things I cannot get a grasp on and I'm troubled by it all.  But comfort comes from the Holy Spirit.
Oddly enough, this subject has been on my mind a lot lately and the frailty of humanity.  
Look for a follow up post titled " The Other Side of Life" by the end of the week.
God bless and good night or morning.